Frequently Asked Questions

EMS is technically a full body workout using electrical stimulation. Our muscles are constantly being stimulated throughout the day with normal daily activities by Bioelectronics inside our bodies. Therefore, EMS training merely reinforces the body’s own effect through barely perceptible electric impulses from outside the body.

You can reap the maximum benefits during a 20-minute session.

It is advisable to do either once or twice a week, depending on your goals. Three times is the maximum. However, a 48 hour rest period in between workouts is required. After 4 sessions you will feel initial results. After 10 sessions, along with a healthy diet, you can clearly see a major difference.

EMS training offers you the advantages of a traditional intense workout in a much shorter time. It is a fast, safe and effective way to build strength, increase performance, tone up and lose weight. In addition, the increase in blood flow can reduce cellulite and improve skin tone.

There are no special requirements. EMS is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. However, you would need to fill out a special form informing us of any special conditions you might have before starting just to make sure your tailor made program suits your desirable needs and specific condition.

Yes. During the first phase of training, you can expect to lose centimeters and in the second phase, the fat deposits are broken down resulting in fat removal and weight loss. Due to the increased muscle activity, you will also burn more calories. EMS training perfectly complements a healthy nutritional plan for an effective, long-term weight loss.

Yes. In fact, it is better if you combine both training programs.

Yes. Only a low-frequency current stimulation is used during training. Therefore, there is no concern in this regard.

No. According to a number of official studies, there are absolutely no negative side effects for healthy individuals. On the contrary, there are a lot of positive benefits. Electrical muscle stimulation has been widely used as a physiotherapy technique for many years now.

No, there is no way you get an electric shock during the workout as the equipment operates at low voltage using a battery. The intensity of the generated impulses is maximum 0.05 Watt RMS.

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